Bank of the United States $1000, Dec. 15, 1840, Philadelphia Issue, NY Redemption, 8918, vChAU - PMG-58 EPQ

# 5902

An exceptional, Gem-like example of a historic $1000 Philadelphia Bank of the United States note (payable at New York) dated December 15, 1840, Serial Number 8918. Certified authentic and graded by PMG, it is boldly endorsed on the back, including four full interest payment notations.

This is a very historical financial document that has survived in an exceptional degree of preservation and one of the nicest examples we have been able to offer. The note is virtually Uncirculated, has no folds visible through the holder, and is graded by PMG with the superlative "Exceptional Paper Quality" designation.

This note is one of the finest of its type.

Price: $1199.00