PCDA Code of Ethics

"As a member of the Professional Currency Dealers Association (PCDA), I pledge;

  1. To furnish advice on numismatic matters to the best of my ability;
  2. To deliver material that I sell promptly unless otherwise agreed between myself and my customer;
  3. To pay for material I have purchased promptly unless otherwise agreed between myself and my customer;
  4. To refrain from publishing any misrepresentations relating to the prices, quality or guarantees attached to my merchandise or that of my competitors;
  5. To assist government authorities in investigating and prosecuting individuals regarding stolen numismatic material where appropriate;
  6. To refrain from knowingly dealing in stolen material;
  7. To refrain from knowingly dealing in spurious material without fully disclosing its status to my customer;
  8. To grade material accurately to the best of my ability;
  9. To refrain from any of the following in selling material to retail customers:
    a) using high pressure sales techniques;
    b) using misleading performance data;
    c) intentionally misrepresenting the origin, provenance, or pedigree of any material;
    d) intentionally misrepresenting the genuineness of any item;
    e) intentionally misrepresenting the value of any material using auction prices realized, wholesale trading prices or any other pricing data;
    f) intentionally misrepresenting the investment potential of material;
    g) intentionally misrepresenting an affiliation between myself and any governmental agency;
  10. To respect all my numismatic contracts with fellow PCDA members, whatever written or oral;
  11. To respect my fellow members’ contracts with third parties and not interfere with same;
  12. To freely exchange non-proprietary information with my fellow members when requested to do so;
  13. To refrain from intentionally defaming the character of a fellow member or the quality of that members’ products or services;
  14. To publish clearly my return policy for material in advertisements, catalogs, booklets or other places where my material is offered for sale to retail customers.”