Terms & Conditions
  1. Authenticity: All items are unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine. Collectible counterfeits are described as such.
  2. Item Availability: All items offered are subject to availability and prior sale. All items are in our hands at the time of posting; we do not offer anything that is not in our possession unless so indicated, including consignment items. The vast majority of items available for sale on this site are one of a kind. Prior confirmation of availability via e-mail (recommended) or phone is suggested. Second choices are accepted.
  3. Grading: Grading is an art and not a science. While grading constitutes a subjective opinion with variances among examiners and even evolution over time, we are confident of our grading representations. Currency Quest’s grader has over 57 years of experience in numismatics and over 28 years in the U.S. currency specialty. We pledge to provide accurately graded notes to the best of our ability. We will not knowingly misrepresent the condition of any item that we sell. Third-party grading services are a recent innovation in the rare paper money market. Given the subjective nature of grading, and the recognition that paper money does not “grade” like coins, we may, and do, occasionally differ in the grading opinion of a particular note from those of others, including third-party graders. Variances of grading opinion are often noticed among items encapsulated by the various grading services. Our grading opinion may be higher or lower than that of another grader. Therefore, we do not guarantee that the particular grade assigned to a sale item will be exactly duplicated by any grading service. When we offer third-party or “certified” notes for sale, we generally comment on the grading opinion when it differs significantly from our own. Current or future differences in grade do not constitute a lack of authenticity.
  4. Payments: The preferred forms of payment include those by personal check. Checks should be made out to: Currency Quest. Checks are accepted but must clear our bank prior to shipment unless prior arrangements have been made. Charge card payments may also be accepted under some circumstances, but usually not for the purchase of high-denomination notes, some coins, including gold coins, and bullion items. The shopping cart is configured so that online purchases by charge card can only be made through PayPal - use the highlighted PayPal button (you are not required to have an existing PayPal account in order to use their charge card processing service). You may also use your charge card, when acceptable, by placing your order payment directly with Currency Quest by phone (614-864-8875) during normal business hours. Bank wires are also accepted. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for routing instructions.
  5. Sales Taxes: Purchases delivered to Ohio require the payment of Sales Tax on the total order, including shipping charges, for all items subject to sales tax under Ohio law. No exceptions will be made except for purchases for resale, in which case current state tax license data must be provided.
  6. Lay-Away: Payment plans are available with prior approval. Interest-free lay-away is generally available for a 60- to 90-day term, usually: 1/3 down, 1/3 within 30 days and balance within 90 days of purchase. Cancellations within this lay-away period will incur a 20% restocking and handling fee and refunds will be based on a credit for merchandise only, a necessary policy required to curb market speculation at our expense. Payment plans beyond 90 days may be available and are negotiated on a per-case basis. All items remain the property of Currency Quest until paid in full. Delivery will be made to the original purchaser only.
  7. Shipping Times: Orders will be shipped as expeditiously as possible. The typical response time is one to four days after clearance of funds. Due to our frequent travel and the limitations of business hours in regard to retrieval of inventory from bank vaults, minor extensions may occur from time to time.
  8. Shipping Charges: Postage/shipping, packaging and insurance will approximate actual costs or less. Total insurance charges may or may not appear on all shipping labels or postage meter printouts as they may be included under, or supplemented by, our comprehensive corporate insurance policy. Total charges will be provided at the point of sale.
  9. Return Policy: Returns are to be requested immediately upon receipt of the order and are permitted by the original purchaser of a direct-sale order within five days of receipt. No returns will be accepted unless received in original condition and in the original holders provided, whether such holder is a provision of Currency Quest or of a third-party source such as a grading service or the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The buyer is responsible for packaging returned merchandise in such manner as to provide reasonable protection from damage or intervention. The return privilege is voided for any item advertised for sale within the return period, including, but not limited to, print media, e-Bay, Amazon, or other internet auction or store, or any other type of electronic commerce or other media.
  10. Refund Payments: Returns found acceptable will receive a prompt refund of the price of the item. No additional fees or costs will be paid without prior agreement.
  11. Want Lists: Availability is a perpetual problem when collecting or dealing with rare currency. We never know what our inventory will be like in the future but we are always actively pursuing our quest to provide welcome choices to our customers. Please let us know your particular wants and we will attempt to notify you if an item of interest to you turns up. Registering on our site helps facilitate the management of want list requests.
  12. Buying: We are always buying in order to maintain our inventory and service want lists. While we purchase a wide variety of notes across the whole spectrum of U.S. currency. We are particularly interested in high grade circulated and uncirculated large-size notes and true rarities of all types, either third-party graded or “raw”, and extremely rare notes in any grade. Please contact us with your offerings.

We belong to the Professional Currency Dealers Association and adhere to the PCDA Code of Ethics.