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New Items

These are our newest items for sale

Items For Sale

RI-292, Rhode Island One Shilling Colonial Note, May, 1786, Extremely Fine, PMG-40 EPQ


1934A $10 Star Note, G01270869*


NJ-175 Colonial, One Shilling Note of March 25, 1776 - John Hart Signature, 19049, VF


Fr.1917-F, 1988A $1 Web Note - F-M Block, Plate 1/2, F05001015M, GemCU, PMG66-EPQ


Fr.1604, 1928D $1 Silver Certificate, Choice Extremely Fine, PMG-45 (toned)


Fr.1601, 1928A $1 "Funny Back" Silver Certificates, Consecutive Pair, PMG Certified Ch.CU-63 & -64-EPQ