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Johnstown, PA, Ch.#5913, 1929T1 $10, United States National Bank, VF, A006905A

# 4806
"Forbidden Title"

Johnstown, PA, Charter #5913, 1929 Type One $10, United States National Bank Of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Very Fine, A006905A


The "forbidden title": Chartered banks were not supposed to have "United States" in their title, but this bank did!

Federal laws enacted after 1920 prohibited the use of the words "United States" (among others) by financial institutions, including national banks. The United States National Bank OF Johnstown, Charter #5913 was chartered in 1901 before the law forbidding such a name was enacted. It went bankrupt and was liquidated in 1934. The United States National Bank IN Johnstown, Charter #13781, became the successor bank and was allowed to keep the title (with the slight modification) under a grandfather clause.

Price: $155.00