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Fr.1936-D*, 1995 $2 Cleveland FRN (Millennium Note) D20002019*, ChCU

# 5849

In 2000, the Treasury issued Series 1995 $2 "Millennium Star Notes" for each Federal Reserve District in the very limited quantity of 9,999 notes per District. The first four digits of the serial number were 2000 and included the star suffix reserved for replacement notes. They were offered by the BEP to collectors at a premium in a presentation folder with sleeve. Prior to this issuance, the only two dollar notes issued for series 1995 were the Atlanta District notes.

This example, D20002019*, is a Cleveland District Four Note with an especially interesting serial number that includes the current year - a great birthday gift for a 19 year old!

These notes were produced in Fort Worth, as were the general circulation Atlanta notes printed in 1996-97.

Price: $99.00