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Bessemer, AL, First National Bank (Charter #4220) Counter Check (Forgery) 12/07/1927, $32.50

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First National Bank of Bessemer, Alabama (Charter #4220) Counter Check Forgery dated December 7,1927 in the amount of $32.50

The first bank in Bessemer was titled First National Bank of Bessemer. It was chartered in 1890 and liquidated in 1894. They issued $50 and $100 Brownbacks, but no survivors are known. This Counter Check has been marked "forgery". Was it a leftover from when the bank was in business and subsequently used to deceive? Or was it an improperly titled check from the bank bearing Charter #6961, whose second title from 1920 to 1933 (when liquidated) was First National Bank In Bessemer?

Price: $14.95