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Fr.1275 SP, 1863 15 Cent Grant-Sherman Wide-Margin Face, Hand-Signed Specimen Note, vChAU, PCGS-58

# 5725
Rare, Original, Wide Margin, Hand-Signed Grant-Sherman Fractional Specimen

Grant-Sherman 15 Cent Fractional Wide-Margin Specimen Note, Very Choice AU, PCGS-58

The extremely popular front image fractional specimen note featuring the portraits of Civil War Union Generals W.T. Sherman and U.S. Grant is offered here in the hand signed Wide Margin variety. But for almost imperceptable evidence of handling, it is a Gem.

This note is very similar to the exceptional printed-signature variety, Fr.1272-SP, that we offered last month and described thusly:

Besides the superior condition, this Grant-Sherman is distinguished by still having the full margin width, as issued. Evidence exists that supports the broadly held belief that a relatively large proportion of original wide margin fractionals have been trimmed over the years to improve the appearance of weaker notes and to create "Gem" narrow-margin specimens; an activity certainly not curtailed since the advent of third party grading certification. This practice has resulted in a forever diminished supply of  the more attractive variety.

The description applies to this note as well, with the important notation that this note bears the still boldly inked hand-signed Allison and Spinner signatures. Not only does this variety exist in vastly few number, few can match the appearance of this particular note. Although technically AU, it can compete on that basis with GemCU examples at considerable cost savings. 


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