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Kirtland, OH, The Kirtland Safety Society Bank $5, February 10, 1837, PMG-58 [Mormon Note]

# 6153 [4416]
Rare Mormon Note Signed by Joseph Smith

Kirtland, OH, 245-G8, The Kirtland Safety Society Bank $5, Issue of February 10, 1837, Signed by Mormon leaders Joseph Smith, Jr. and Sidney Rigdon.

An LDS heirloom, this beautiful Gem-like note is extremely appealing aesthetically as well as historically. Amazingly fresh and bright, it is very well centered and exhibits strong inks, inluding the bold original handwritten date, numbers and all important signatures.

It is Certified by Paper Money Guarantee as genuine with a grade opinion of Choice About Uncirculated "58". Obviously, this well preserved artifact never actually circulated and is removed from the technical "Gem" designation by a mere very light upper-left corner fold. Of the Kirtland Safety Society notes we have had the good fortune to handle, including Choice CU examples, this is our favorite.

Price: $3250.00