Fr.1601-(X-B), 1928A $1 Silver Certificate Experimental Issue, X-B Block, VF

# 5139
Scarce 1st Small-Size Experimental Issue >>Sold<<

1928A $1 Silver Certificate, Scarce Experimental Issue, X06577908B, Very Fine, but with light superficial wallet stain at the back-right quadrant.

For the first time since the introduction of small-size currency during the depression, the BEP produced a quantity of notes to test different paper composition to experiment with the ratio of linen and cotton. A control group using the standard paper bore the Z-B serial number block while groups with experimental paper were designated X-B and Y-B. This example is an X-B experimental note that falls within the serial number range of 10,728,000 printed. These notes remain very elusive to collectors as not many were saved at the time of issue.


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