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William Seward Portrait on 50c Coupon of the 1877 Issue United States 30 Year 4% Loan

# 1910
Rare Early Bond Issue Coupon

Seward Portrait on 50c Coupon of the $50 Four Percent 30-Year Loan of 1877, dated as due July 1, 1904

This coupon, serial Number 108, was attached to bond number 16713. Coupons under the bond were redeemed quarterly, beginning in 1879. It measures approximately 1-1/4x2".

These consolidated bonds were first authorized by the Act of 14 July 1870 and issued in the first fiscal quarter of 1878 in a period of high demand. This portrait of William H. Seward was engraved by Charles Schlecht and printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. An example of this bond in similar grade, without any coupons, was sold at auction a few years ago (number 26455, for $28,000) and is the only example known to collectors.

The portrait is similar to that on the 1891 $50 Treasury Note, except it is facing left, rather than right. Interestingly, the portrait of William Seward on these coupons can be facing either the left or right side, depending upon whether the coupon bears an even or odd number. The number of this coupon, 108, is even; therefore the portrait is on the left. Portraits of Secretary Seward were always in profile subsequent to the Lincoln assassination conspiracy in which his face was disfigured during the attack upon him in his home.

Price: $195.00