Circleville, OH, The Third NB, 1902PB $20, XF, PCGS40-PPQ

# 2497
Rare Pickaway County Bank

The Third National Bank of Circleville, OH, Charter #2817, 1902PB $20, Nice choice, original, embossed note with great signatures. Graded Extremely Fine (40) with Premium Paper Quality by PCGS Currency.

This is the rarest of the three banks in Circleville, and one of only six Large-Size notes known, four Tens and two Twenties. This exceptional note is just barely behind the other Twenty Dollar note (serial number 4464) which has been graded AU by PCGS and sold at the Long Beach auction in September of 2011 for $3700. That was a nice note; and so is this one. The quality is not that much different, which makes our note at less than one-third the price quite a bargain.

Price: $1250.00