Fr.1602, 1928B $1 Silver Certificate, Y-B Block Experimental Note, PCGS-12

# 5615

1928B $1 "Funny Back" Silver Certificate, Y-B Block Experimental Note, Fine, PCGS-12

The United States Treasury produced and issued a large group of experimental small-size Silver Certificates in 1932-33 to test various paper compositions. The notes are of Series 1928A and 1928B in three groups. The X-B and Y-B blocks were of different new paper composition and the Z-B block was issued at the same time as a control group. There are no distinctive markings to differentiate the notes, so they can be determined only by the range of serial numbers. The certified Y-B example that we offer here is well circulated, but problem free, affordable, and an neat variety to add to any small-size note collection.

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