Fr.2175-D* 1996 $100 FRN Cleveland Star

This is a lightly circulated $100 star note for the CLEVELAND Federal Reserve District. It is from the 1st Print Run. This is what is commonly called a sheet note. Beginning with series 1981 the BEP began the practice of removing all notes that end with [9999], [99999], [999999], [0000], [00000], [000000], & [0000000], replacing them with two star notes.Starting with this series they started using star runs under 1,000,000. Mostly 640,000, 320,000 & 160,000 note printings to replace the above mentioned multiple 9 and 0 endings. In doing so, they created what we believe to be very scarce and rare notes. Research has revealed that these star notes are not generally issued in pack form. This thin distribution, combined with a short run, creates quite a scarce note. This appears to be true of all the denominations. There are very few exceptions to this rule. The early star pairs are far scarcer than the later ones probably due to the fact thant collectors did not know that this procedure was occuring. Only 160,000 1996 Cleveland Star Notes were printed and very few have been reported among the collector fraternity, making this a very scarce note.

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